Sacha Inchik capsules, 4 Boxes of 120 pcs.

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The capsules contains 100% oil of BERGOLIO Sacha Inchik which ist extracted from coldpressed seeds. Sacha Inchik has a very harmonious relationship between the three omega fatty acids 3-6-9. Particularly the high proportion of omega 3 of up to 48% is exceptional. No wonder that Sacha Inchik oil is often referred to as the most precious edible oil in the world!

Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain and appear to be important for cognitive (brain memory and performance) and behavioral function. In fact, infants who do not get enough omega-3 fatty acids from their mothers during pregnancy are at risk for developing vision and nerve problems. Symptoms of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency include fatigue, poor memory, dry skin, heart problems, mood swings or depression, and poor circulation.

Oil of Sacha Inchik is purely vegetable. It contains no toxic substances or heavy metals, such as this is often the case in fish-products (an other omega 3-source). And it is easy to digest.

Protect your health and take daily 4-5 Capsules of Sacha Inchik-oil !