There are the following important reasons:

Sacha Inchik is regarding the nutritional values one of the most valuable food source for humans. Not only that, because it tastes also excellent. Sacha Inchik oil is often referred to as the best edible oil in the world! Sacha Inchik nuts and Sacha Inchik powder have a very high level of proteins. Sacha Inchik is considered as a complete protein source because it contains all nine essential amino acids.

In the Amazonian-region they ensure obtaining a high local value added with Sacha Inchik products. In this way the cultivation of Sacha Inchik can displace the illegal cultivation of coca.

There is a sustainable cultivation of Sacha Inchik. The cultivation is done by socio-economic and sustainable management of the rainforest. By buying of BERGOLIO Sacha Inchik products you are helping to protect the rainforest.

The cultivation of Sacha Inchik is organized through cooperatives. The trade is socially economically responsible organized (Fair Trade).

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